Research Projects

Principal Investigator: Diana E. Marsh
Funder: USDOI National Park Service
Students are working with Dr. Marsh and NPS curators throughout the 2020-2021 academic year to research and produce an online exhibit highlighting NPS sites and materials in the National Capital Region related to the history of civil rights. Drawing on the heritage sites and collections holdings of the NPS in the National Capital Region, the interns are assisting curators in all aspects of research and content development, with a broader goal to increase public awareness of the NPS sites and collections in the National Capital Region.
Principal Investigator: Philip Piety, Elizabeth M. Bonsignore
Funder: National Science Foundation
Developing role playing computer games for the classroom to encourage STEM learning. Students can collaborate with each other and fictional characters in an authentic scenario using a multimedia interface supported by chatbots, videoconferencing, and interactive STEM tools.
Principal Investigator: Mega Subramaniam
Funder: Institute of Museum and Library Services
Providing continuing education opportunities to library staff in small and rural libraries on how to embed connected learning (CL) principles into teen programs and services.
Principal Investigator: Ge Gao
Funder: National Science Foundation
This project investigates new ways to create grounding in multilingual teams engaged in collaborative writing. It will improve understanding and develop new tools.
Principal Investigator: David Weintrop
Funder: The National Academy of Education/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
Funder: Other
Integrating computational thinking into elementary mathematics classrooms in a way that empowers learners to draw on their Funds of Knowledge while also working within the constraints of the public education system.
Principal Investigator: Tamara CleggPrincipal Investigator: Lawrence Clark
Funder: National Science Foundation
Advancing knowledge of informal learning experiences that build adolescents' motivation for participation in STEM courses and careers, with a specific focus on introducing middle school African American and Latinx youth to the world of sports data analytics through events and summer camps.
Principal Investigator: Katrina Fenlon
Funder: USDA Agricultural Research Service
Working with students in the iSchool's newly created specialization in data curation to build the workforce of the future in the field of digital curation and user access for scientific data and literature with an emphasis on agriculture and agricultural informatics.
Principal Investigator: Richard Marciano, Greg JansenPrincipal Investigator: Andrea Chiba
Funder: National Science Foundation
Creating technology and best practices for conducting science that is situated in the classroom setting with the purpose of better understanding children's ability to self-regulate when presented with challenges, which seem to be ever-increasing in our digital era society.