Research Projects

Principal Investigator: Vanessa Frias-Martinez
Funder: National Science Foundation
Using cell-phone data to better understand the reactions and movement of people in violent or disaster events, specifically looking at droughts in Haiti, armed conflicts in Colombia, and floods in Bangladesh, with the aim of providing decision makers with data-driven models they can use to create preparedness and response plans.
Principal Investigator: Jessica Vitak, Mega Subramaniam
Funder: Institute of Museum and Library Services
Bringing together researchers, low socioeconomic status (SES) families, and public library partners to identify the privacy and security challenges librarians and low-SES families face using internet and communication technologies and to develop a suite of educational and professional development resources for both librarians and low-SES families
Principal Investigator: Naeemul Hassan
Funder: National Science Foundation
Developing novel techniques - through the application of state-of-the-art machine learning - to detect various forms of clickbait, especially video-based clickbait, and study user behavior on social media to design effective warning systems.
Principal Investigator: Vanessa Frias-Martinez
Funder: National Science Foundation
Improving public transit for lower-income individuals - who often endure complex, lengthy trips - by providing a methods, guidelines, and a toolkit to identify and characterize the challenges typical of such complex trips.
Principal Investigator: Charles Harry
Funder: Maryland Innovation Initiative
Funder: Other
Promoting a patent-pending analytic method and scoring technology that can guide risk assessment for individual organizations and their infrastructure to target and quantify cyber risks throughout an organization.