The Role of Emotions in Sociopolitical Polish and Lithuanian Social Media

This project, run through ARLIS, investigates how emotion impacts information propagation and sharing in Polish and Lithuanian social media. Teams of in-country annotators independently assess each post, including all multimedia content, for over 22 distinct emotions inclusively on 0 to 100 scales--meaning that the same post will have different scores for different emotions. We will conduct multi-level statistical analyses of the impact of emotions, specific topics, and account and message features on social media sharing and engagement.

6/18/2019 - 5/17/2022
Investigator (other)
C. Anton Rytting
Principal Investigator
Additional (NON-UMD) Investigators
Ewa Golonka, Egle Murauskaite, Cody Buntain, Devin Ellis
Total Award Amount
Partnering Organizations
New Jersey Institute of Technology
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