Institute of Museum and Library Services

Research Projects

Connecting small and rural libraries to connected learning

Principal Investigator(s): Mega Subramaniam
Providing continuing education opportunities to library staff in small and rural libraries on how to embed connected learning (CL) principles into teen programs and services.

Piloting an Online National Collaborative Network for Integrating Computational Thinking into Library and Archival Education and Practice

Principal Investigator(s): Richard Marciano
Piloting an online national collaborative network of educators and practitioners to enable the sharing and dissemination of computational case studies and lesson plans through an open source, cloud-based interactive platform based on Jupyter Notebooks.

Sustaining Digital Community Collections: Understanding the Impact of Development Workflows Across Contexts

Principal Investigator(s): Katrina Fenlon
Investigating roles that cultural heritage institutions may play to help realize community-determined, community-led strategies for sustaining digital collections over time.