08/26/2021iSchool News

UMD iSchool Assistant Professor Ido Sivan-Sevilla discusses the threat of unregulated private surveillance tools.

08/24/2021iSchool News

UMD iSchool researchers find that identifying fake news with AI may be more complicated than anticipated. 

08/23/2021iSchool News

Analyzing how speech input can support low-burden and reflective food journaling.

08/20/2021iSchool News

Exploring the intersection of libraries, demography, and social inclusion.

08/19/2021iSchool News

UMD iSchool Senior Lecturer Phil Piety edited a special issue of the Journal of Computing in Higher Education.

08/19/2021iSchool News

UMD iSchool Professor Richard Marciano makes the urban renewal archival records of black-owned properties in Asheville accessible. 

08/18/2021iSchool News

UMD iSchool Research Professor Susannah Paletz researches content-based factors associated with sharing political and social posts on Facebook.  

07/27/2021Hayleigh Moore

UMD iSchool’s Dr. Katrina Fenlon partners with regional and global organizations through the Sustaining Digital Community Collections Project focused on improving autonomy and preservation of…

07/20/2021Hayleigh Moore

The UMD iSchool celebrates the Trace Center’s 50th Anniversary highlighting some of its most influential technologies and industry standards developed to create a more accessible world for all.…