05/25/2021Peter F. Moon, UMD Doctoral Student & HCIL Member

Understanding how a spherical robot can help more students gain access to early computing education while enhancing their learning in math.

04/12/2021UMD iSchool Staff

In The Promise of Access, Dr. Daniel Greene shares a radical perspective on why tech solutions aren’t solving complex social problems such as STEM education and the digital divide.…

11/13/2020iSchool News

A team of UMD iSchool researchers aim to strengthen children's privacy literacy.

10/20/2020Hayleigh Moore

Examining how health and fitness data tracking tools can help athletes learn about data literacy, inspire STEM pursuits, and simultaneously train for their next game.

09/17/2020iSchool News

Dr. Mega Subramaniam's project involves helping libraries adapt to support youth and their families with the transition to online learning. 

09/04/2020iSchool News

As a Fulbright Specialist, Mega Subramaniam used her expertise to train librarians in the Kyrgyz Republic on how to improve their engagement with youth. 

08/25/2020Hayleigh Moore

Faculty and researchers are pioneering methods to increase youth interest in STEM, from co-design with youth to partnering with libraries to develop services.

07/23/2020Hayleigh Moore

Examining the current and future role of libraries in supporting communities.

07/13/2020Mega SubramaniamLinda W. Braun

As a part of her crowdsourcing project to reimagine libraries, Mega Subramaniam published her second SLJ article, calling upon people to be bold and innovative.