09/08/2021Melissa Brachfeld

iSchool's Beth Bonsignore joins interdisciplinary team to expand Wi-Fi infrastructure in urban greenspaces.

09/07/2021Josh Land

Applications will be accepted this fall for new data journalism Master's program.

08/18/2021iSchool News

UMD iSchool Research Professor Susannah Paletz researches content-based factors associated with sharing political and social posts on Facebook.  

08/16/2021iSchool News

Associate Professor Tamara Clegg discusses the challenges associated with college athletes profiting off their names, images, and likenesses (NIL). 

11/19/2020Press Release

Data shared by 30M+ Facebook users world-wide will enable earlier detection of COVID-19 outbreaks, help communities to prepare, inform policymakers, and reveal patterns in effective preventative…

11/16/2020Jessica Vitak

UMD iSchool's Dr. Jessica Vitak discusses the college's robust participation in the ACM's prestigious CSCW 2020 Conference.

11/10/2020iSchool News

Xiaoyun is currently exploring how people present themselves across their social media ecosystems and what factors could influence their self-presentation.

11/03/2020Hayleigh Moore & Mia Hinckle

Social media has been a tool for boosting civic engagement, but also a vehicle for surprisingly convincing fake news and videos.

10/02/2020iSchool News

To bring your district together online, Jen Golbeck suggests creating a safe space, setting guidelines and rules, gaining participation, and making it accessible and equitable.